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Why Horn Creek Hemp Prices Are Low

As consumers, we have interesting logic. Our first impression of product quality is based on price. But price and quality aren’t related. At all. Products that cost more to produce will indeed be more expensive for the consumer. It might cost more because the producer is inefficient or because they have several middlemen.

The Wine Test:

A recent test showed that people taste-testing wine rated cheap wine higher if they were told it was more expensive. Respondents consistently up-voted the cheapest glass of wine if they saw a falsely elevated price tag associated with it.  

Why do we do this? Who knows? We do it though. But it simply isn’t correct.

I mention this because as a farm, we produce the product ourselves. We sell directly to you, the consumer. Our costs to produce is low. We made a conscious decision to price our products based on what they cost to produce, not the going market rate. We wanted to make CBD accessible to more people. Our thinking was that people would not continue to pay $150 per month for a CBD tincture. Ours is $35 for 30 ml of 2,000 mg CBD per oz. We believe our CBD is the same if not better quality than our competition. $150 is ridiculous. $35-$50 is fair.

We think top quality flower should be affordable for those who need it.  Oxford dictionary defines ‘cheap’ as ‘low in price; worth more than its cost’.  The only reference to quality is that it is worth more than what is paid.  “Cheap Hemp Flower” is a common search engine query.  Those people are looking for low prices, not low quality.

Spending more than $100 per oz for sun grown is simply too high. The only reason it sells at that rate is because there are multiple middlemen between the seller and the farmer, and/or simply because people have paid that. Indoor flower is different in terms of cost to produce. But the question is whether the difference in products justifies the difference in price.  Most people agree that sun grown flower is more potent, which is the objective for most consumers.  Indoor excels for nose and bag appeal.  Does that alone add up to such a price delta?

For our premium flower we currently charge $45 per ounce. Is it good quality? We think so. But don’t take our word. The High Times Hemp Cup was judged by hundreds of CBD flower smokers across the country. Our Lifter Flower took first place. In second? Indoor flower, selling for $219 per ounce.

And that isn’t all. In the last 12 months, our products have won 12 awards, including 6 golds for flower. These include Two golds and NW Top Grower at the Golden Grow, and Gold and Silver at the Cultivation Classic. It also includes a first place for the most Credible Cultivar. This is their flagship award and it is very significant. This is a triple-blind test. Judges don’t know the cultivar, the farm, or even if it is THC or CBD dominant. Respondents selected based on consistency and favorable relaxing effects. It’s the first time a CBD flower has ever won this award.

All that chest-pounding is to say – we believe our hemp products hold their own with the other quality products on the market at an attainable price. It also means that if we choose to set fair prices for our goods, we ask that you judge them by their merit, not their affordability.

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