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What leads to quality CBD oil?

CBD oil has become more prevalent than ever with changes to rules around growing, harvesting, and selling hemp across the nation.

Now that it’s easily accessible for most, creating good, high-quality CBD products are more in demand than ever before. That process starts with growing sustainable and organic hemp plants which in turn allows for high-quality CBD oil to be extracted and put to use.

So let’s start at the base: soil.

Why Is Soil So Important?

This is where it all begins. Soil is what feeds the hemp plant and allows it to flourish and grow. Making sure the soil will properly nourish the plants is vital to yielding a successful crop.

Hemp grows in a variety of soils, but it does its best work in loose, deep, and nutrient-rich soil, meaning you want soil rich in organic materials for the plants to feed upon. Lucky for us, we are located in what once was an ancient lakebed in the beautiful Rogue Valley. The sandy, fertile loam is ideal for our hemp plants to flourish.

Another thing to take into account is looking into what types of toxins could potentially be present in the soil. Soil has to not only be rich, but clean as well.

Hemp is tremendous at removing toxins from the soil it’s grown in and hold on to them, including heavy metals—a process called bioremediation. So, while hemp is a fantastic field cleaner, it’s not ideal to have heavy metals in the crop you are producing if your goal is to create a high-quality CBD product.  That is why we test each zone multiple times every year.  We’ve never had a positive test but we must stay diligent.

The rich soil on our farm is a huge part of the success of our plants. We take extra steps to ensure the hemp is not only grown organically but biodynamically.  Our ‘plant whisperer’, Whitney has been growing this way for years.

On top of the fertile soil, we also utilize the power of insects to keep our plants safe. We use predatory insect populations to keep other insects in check that could potentially harm the hemp. This is just another step we take to make sure the plants are free of potentially harmful chemicals.

All of this work goes into making sure our crop is premium artisan hemp flower, producing top of the line CBD oil when extracted.

This is exactly what we’re after—a premium and beneficial crop that will yield a high-quality CBD oil.

How Is CBD Oil Utilized?

There are so many ways CBD oil can benefit consumers. This natural oil is most effective when used properly.

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp flower, as it is high in CBD and very low in delta9 THC, (the THC content is less than 0.3%) which is why the hemp plant has quickly grown in popularity for its natural healing abilities.

The hemp flower, after it’s dried, can be beneficial on its own as well.

Putting in the extra effort on the front end of the product creates better CBD oil and hemp products. And in the world of CBD and hemp, this is something that can be hard to come by. This plant has so many fantastic uses, we take pride in making sure we are growing top of the line products you can rely on.

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