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What Is Kief?

At its core, kief is the collection of trichomes – the resin glands found on the hemp plant. These glands are responsible for producing the cannabinoids and terpenes that give cannabis its unique effects and flavors. When separated from the flower, these trichomes appear as a powder-like substance, commonly referred to as kief or pollen.

Horn Creek’s dedication to quality production shines through in our kief. Obtained using a meticulous 151-micron mesh tumbler over a 12-hour cycle, our kief retains its pure, golden glory. Proudly organically grown, our Special Sauce kief has even been recognized at the 2020 Oregon Grower’s Cup.

CBD vs. CBG vs. THC Kief: The Spectrum of Kief

  • CBD Kief: Derived from hemp flowers, CBD kief is rich in CBD and low in THC. It offers relaxation without the “high” associated with THC. .
  • CBG Kief: CBG or cannabigerol is less known than CBD or THC. However, it’s often dubbed the “mother cannabinoid” as it’s a precursor to both CBD and THC. 
  • THC Kief: This kief, coming from marijuana flowers, is high in THC, producing the euphoric effects marijuana is known for. It is a good solution for those seeking potent psychoactive experiences.  Horn Creek does not produce or sell THC kief.  

Ways To Use CBD Kief


Sprinkle some kief onto of any bowl or add some to any joint or blunt for enhanced effects and flavor.


Decarboxylate kief and create cannabutter or any other type of fat based carrier for your favorite edible recipe. Many recipes swap 1 gram of Kief vs 7 grams of flower.

Press or Extract

Use heat and pressure to either create rosin or hash. Great for edibles, smoking, and dabbing.

Horn Creek Farms

Buying CBD Kief

When venturing into the purchase of CBD kief, research is your ally. Start by seeking a reputable provider, like Horn Creek, that is transparent about its extraction methods and sources. Always check for third-party lab testing results; this ensures the potency and purity of the kief you’re purchasing. Remember, the best kief maintains its organic origins, steering clear of pesticides and synthetic additives. Moreover, don’t shy away from asking questions – understanding the product’s journey from plant to your front door is vital for an informed purchase. Our team is ready to answer any of your questions. Contact us here.


Should I smoke my kief?

Absolutely! Sprinkle some on your bowl or add it to a joint or blunt for a richer experience. But remember, a little goes a long way!

How long does kief last?

Stored properly in a cool, dark place, kief can last 1-2 years without significant loss of potency. It’s best to keep it in an airtight container to maintain its freshness. Age and exposure to oxygen may change the consistency and cannabinoid value of the kief.

Is kief more potent than dabs?

Both are highly potent, but dabs, being a concentrated form of cannabis/hemp extract, usually have higher cannabinoid content than kief. However, kief offers a more natural and unprocessed experience.

Does CBD kief get you high?

CBD Kief will not get you high, but due to its concentrated nature, kief is indeed potent. However, the exact effects depend on the hemp flower cultivar it’s derived from.

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