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Benefits of Cultivating Hemp in Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon Hemp

Southern Oregon, with its pristine environment and optimal growing conditions, has quickly become a top destination for hemp farming. Located in the beautiful town of Jacksonville, we are proud to be a part of this thriving agricultural community. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits and reasons why Southern Oregon is an ideal location for farming hemp.

Main Reasons why Southern Oregon is an ideal location for farming hemp.

Favorable Climate

It is difficult to say exactly what makes our climate work so well for both CBD-rich hemp.  Some places simply have the proper combination of sunlight, temperatures and nutrients for various plant cultivars to thrive.  Hemp loves heat, but not too much.  Also, our position near the 45th parallel ensures that we will experience significant changes in sunlight exposure.  It is the increase in daylight hours during June, followed by a sharp decline that triggers hemp flowering. 

Rich, Fertile Soil

Hemp prefers a sandy loam soil.  Clay can help with water retention, but we find that cannabis plants like soils that will drain easily.  Our portion of Southern Oregon was once a lake bed.  Millenia of organic matter settled to the bottom of the lake and created what is now the highly desirable sandy loam we farm on.  All that is required of us is to maintain the healthy living microbiome in our soil.  As long as we keep our soil healthy, vibrant and alive, those microbes will feed our plants.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Sustainability on a micro scale means simply watching our for the health of our farm’s environment.  We look out for soil health as well as the health of those naturally occurring plants that border our fields.  These seemingly minor presences have a huge impact.  Every plant, animal and insect population plays a role in the overall balance.  By nurturing these populations, we insure that no single microbe or pest will suddenly bloom and cause issues.  Biodynamic farming strives to maintain this natural balance.  Biodynamic practices prevent any one population from exploiting weakness to overpopulate.  Balance is essential.

Strong Agricultural Heritage

We are able to rely upon generational farming knowledge of our area.  Though hemp was not in the historical lineup of crops, farming practices translate quite well.  WE make every effort to learn from our predecessors.  They know the secrets to producing healthy crops in our valley.

Thriving Hemp Community

As the hemp industry continues to expand, Southern Oregon has become a hub for hemp-related businesses and research facilities. This strong community fosters collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to producing the best hemp products on the market.  The renewal of hemp farming meant that many of us were learning the same things at the same times.  A healthy exchange of ideas and best practices helps all farms produce quality material.  We are fortunate to have cooperative farmers, and especially to have the cooperation of Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center.  OSU GHIC works with our local Research and Extension office.  We all are the beneficiaries of their studies in hemp.

Farm Direct Pricing

By farming hemp in Southern Oregon, Horn Creek Hemp can offer its customers farm direct pricing, ensuring that they receive high-quality products at the best possible price. This commitment to affordability is a key advantage of cultivating hemp in this region.  Very few opportunities arise for a new ag industry to form around farm-direct principles.  We think it is critical to know your hemp farmer.  This way you feel comfortable that your CBD hemp was produced in a healthy manner, and you get the economic benefit of buying direct.

Horn Creek Farms

Farming hemp in Southern Oregon offers numerous advantages, from its ideal climate and fertile soil to its sustainable farming practices and strong agricultural heritage. Horn Creek Hemp is proud to be a part of this thriving community, providing customers with top-quality CBD and CBG products.

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