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Horn Creek’s high CBD hemp is grown organically and biodynamically.  Our Wholesale CBD flower is premium quality, winning numerous award, including the High Times People’s Choice award.  Our formulated wholesale CBD products are made with quality organic ingredients always with the goal in mind of producing our favorite and best Wholesale CBD salves, CBD tinctures, and CBD gummies. Many of our farm practices exceed USDA standards. Horn Creek is a Seed-to-Sale CBD company that offers Farm-direct low prices. At Horn Creek Farm, we plant, grow, harvest, cure, trim, process, craft, package, and ship directly to consumers without the additional cost of outsourcing any of those services. This allows us to set the lowest prices for wholesale hemp and CBD products.

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Steps To Become A Wholesaler

Interested in becoming a wholesale buyer? Anyone is able to apply to become a wholesaler, but because we are a small family farm, we ask each individual who is interested to reach out. Instructions can be found below. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for understanding!

Register an account here. If you have not registered an account since the launch of the new website (May 2022), we kindly ask you to do so.

Please reach out to our team at customercare@horncreekhemp.com. We will ensure your account is set up correctly and you have access to our wholesale price sheet for offline viewing/purchasing.

Wholesale products can be viewed and purchased on retail product pages. Only verified wholesalers will have access to these offerings and exclusive wholesale discounts. Wholesalers may choose to complete orders online or offline, as offline we have more customizable shipping and packaging solutions.

Please reach out via email or phone for any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you!

Horn Creek
Wholesale Offerings

Explore our exclusive wholesale offerings, tailored for businesses seeking premium quality hemp flower and products. Dive into a world of opportunity with our diverse range of award-winning CBD and CBG products, all available at farm direct wholesale prices.

Bulk hemp flower, pre-packaged retail ready bags, & glass jars. Farmer choice pre-roll packs, & pre-rolls in tubes.

Salves, bath salts, oils, & body butter, chocolates, caramels, honey sticks, gummies, & tinctures.

Yes, but because of our operational size, each inquiry must be reviewed. We do not white label our Ruby’s Max Strength Salve, Redemption Oil, or Chocolates.

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Southern Oregon

Rogue Valley, 42.4401° N, 122.9262° W

Our position near the 45th parallel ensures that we will experience significant changes in sunlight exposure. Rich soil, long hot summers, and pure water, we have an ideal terroir for the plant. Southern Oregon has become a hub for hemp-related businesses and research facilities. This strong community fosters collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to producing the best hemp products on the market.

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