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Sour Pineapple



Sour Pineapple

Percentages & Terpenes


(Sour Tsunami x Pineapple Tsunami) - East Fork Cultivars


Total Cannabinoids: 25.36% | 17.76% CBD | < LOQ Delta 9

Top Terpenes

2.76% | Top three in order of dominance: Terpinolene | Pinene | Caryophyllene



Tropical Fruits


Bud Structure

Dark Green Flowers

Golden Highlights

Round Buds

Feeling & Effects

Couch Lock

Day/Night Use

4 product options

Sour Pineapple

A & B Buds

Top quality large buds including top colas

Small buds

Dime sized and offer a more affordable flower buying option. Ideal for personal use, pre-rolls, and extraction.

pre-rolls (Not Available)

Each Pre-Roll contains 3/4 gram of premium Hemp Flower, machine filled and wrapped in paper with a natural filter. Pre-rolls are filled with ground hemp flower, no shake or trim...ever.

kief (Not Available)

Solvent-less premium CBD pollen kief collected during processing of whole hemp flower. Extracted using a 151-micron mesh tumbler over a 12-hour cycle.

Sour Pineapple

Flower information

Aroma: Piney nose with hints of… you guessed it, tropical fruits!

Bud Structure: Round flowers with dark green undertones and golden highlights. Density is a little lighter but effects are on target.

Feelings: Fan favorite if you’re looking for a mellowing couch feel.

Cannabinoid Profile: Total Cannabinoids 25.36% | 17.76% CBD | <LOQ Delta 9

Total Terpenes: 2.76% | Top three in order of dominance: Terpinolene | Pinene | Caryophyllene

COA’s available upon request.

Year: Sungrown 2021

Parentage: (Sour Tsunami x Pineapple Tsunami) – East Fork Cultivars

Small Buds: Dime sized and offer a more affordable flower buying option. Ideal for personal use, pre-rolls, and extraction.

Images: Flower is photographed in different environments for the most accurate representation.

Manicure: We reserve the best top colas to be cut and hung in our greenhouses using traditional cannabis drying methods. After the flower is suitably dry, we hand buck the flower into terpene bags for curing. Those bags will be turned and burped for several weeks. Once fully cured, we run CBD flower through 2 trimming machines. Finally, trimmed A and B flower is separated from smalls. Sugar leaf trim is separated for extraction. Our hand trimmed service is machine trimmed flower with hand trim finish and available on select cultivars.

Shipping and Handling: Each package is carefully shipped in a discrete box with all legal documentation.

*Please note: It’s the buyer’s responsibility to know your state’s regulations for hemp and CBD products. 2014 Farm Bill Compliant. Questions? Call 877-541-4367 or email

*FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication. Keep out of the reach of children. For external use only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Stephen S.

The best sour strain period

Jacob R.

Great CBD flower! Nice and calming experience.

Serena W.

Phenomenal flavor, definitely more of a daytime smoke for me - from away some brain fog that I didn't even realize I had! Also a very smooth smoke and great smell 👌

Gianna B.
Changed my Life

I switched to CBD this year, as I was waking up chronically tired and with fog brain every morning after vaping T H C.
I have tried two Horn Creek Hemp flower strains and Sour Pineapple is the winner—piney, fruity, delicious. Taste is amazing in a vaporizer, and helps me sleep through the night without any drowsiness the next day.

Darwin L.

Very impressed

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frequently Asked Questions

Horn Creek Hemp flower is sun grown in rich fertile soil using organic and biodynamic practices. We source solid genetics, use natural amendments, pest-control, and studies suggest that sun grown flower has the most developed cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Horn Creek’s hemp is grown using biodynamic and organic methods. We adhere to a stringent program that meets, or exceeds, USDA organic practices. We lack USDA certification due to a biodegradable mulch that is not on the approved list.

Yes, all our flowers are 3rd party tested for potency of cannabinoids, terpenes, toxins, heavy metals, and molds. Compliance regulations vary state by state.

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