horn creek kief

Hemp Kief | Cultivar Specific Wholesale Pounds

Size: 1, 3.5, or 28 grams

Year: Crafted Dec. 2023, Southern Oregon

Geneticist: Oregon CBD Seeds, East Fork Cultivars, Hoku Seeds, Infinite Tree

Cannabinoid & Terpene Content: Varies Per Cultivar


Lab Results

Looking for additional testing? Pesticide, heavy metal, microbial, and soil lab tests can be found here.

Why Horn Creek Kief?

Kief is highly valued for its concentrated potency and versatility. Horn Creek’s Hemp Flower Kief is 100% natural and sourced from our own farm’s biodynamically grown hemp flowers, catering to both enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Our Special Sauce Kief, a gold medal winner in the 2020 Oregon Grower’s Cup and an honoree in the 2021 High Times People’s Choice Hemp Cup, exemplifies quality and excellence. With genetics originating from Oregon CBD, East Fork Cultivars, Hoku Seeds, and Infinite Tree, our kief is a top-tier product of sungrown, solvent-less CBD pollen. Its golden-brown color and cleaner, lighter flavor profile make it an excellent choice for enhancing experiences or creating refined edibles.

horn creek kief

How To Use Kief

Kief, the fine, powdery substance collected from the trichomes of hemp flowers, offers a versatile and potent addition to your cannabis repertoire. Whether you’re looking to elevate your smoking experience or infuse a powerful punch into your edibles, kief provides a straightforward yet effective solution. Here’s how you can incorporate this concentrated form of cannabis into various methods of consumption.


Sprinkle some kief onto of any bowl or add some to any joint or blunt for enhanced effects and flavor.


Decarboxylate kief and create cannabutter or any other type of fat based carrier for your favorite edible recipe. Many recipes swap 1 gram of Kief vs 7 grams of flower.

Press or extract

Use heat and pressure to either create rosin or hash. Great for edibles, smoking, and dabbing.

Wholesale CBD & CBG Kief

Flower information

Solvent-less premium CBD pollen kief collected during processing of whole hemp flower. Extracted using a 151-micron mesh tumbler over a 12-hour cycle, our beautiful golden hemp flower pollen kief is produced.

Cultivars Available

  • 2023 Kush Cake | 34.30% Total Cannabinoids | 27.78% CBD| 2.22% Terpenes | < Delta 9 LOQ.
  • 2023 Smooth Operator | 26.45% Total Cannabinoids | 21.54% CBD| 2.89% Terpenes | < Delta 9 LOQ.
  • 2023 Sour CBD Blend | 25.91% Total Cannabinoids | 21.40% CBD| 2.65% Terpenes | 0.10% Delta 9.

Horn Creek Hemp Flower Kief

  • 100% Natural & Organically Grown
  • Great for Smoking, Vaping & Dabs
  • Can Be Pressed Into Hash & Rosin
  • Ideal For Edibles- Cleaner & Lighter Flavor Profile & Concentrated. Depending on the desired effect, many recipes swap 1 gram of Kief vs 7 grams of flower.

Year: Sungrown 2023

Accolades: 2021 High Times People’s Choice Hemp Cup – Honorable Top 5, Special Sauce Kief

2020 Oregon Growers Cup Winner – Gold in CBD extracts for Special Sauce Kief

Parentage: Oregon CBD, East Fork Cultivars, Hoku Seeds, & Infinite Tree

COA’s available upon request.

Shipping and Handling: We quality ensure each kief orders before shipping to ensure standards and quality assurance. Each package is carefully shipped in a discrete box with all legal documentation. By default all wholesale kief pounds will ship by cultivar in bulk bags. For an additional $5/lb. we can ship kief in individual pound bags. Please let us know by leaving an order note or reaching out to our sales or customer care team.

California Use Policy:

Horn Creek Hemp flower may only be used for home extraction and teas in the state of California.  Hemp Flower may not be used for inhalation in any form in CA. By agreeing to Horn Creek terms and conditions, you are agreeing to use raw hemp material only for extraction purposes.

⚠ #2 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including delta 9 THC and the terpene beta myrcene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. Beta-myrcene is naturally occurring in many hemp cultivars.  Delta 9 thc is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

*Please note: It’s the buyer’s responsibility to know your state’s regulations for hemp and CBD products. 2014 Farm Bill Compliant. Questions? Call 877-541-4367 or email sales@horncreekhemp.com

*FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication. Keep out of the reach of children. For external use only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 265 reviews
Mike H. (Michigan)
Never got it as of 5/30/24

Never got it as of 5/30/24

Hello Mike. Looks like your shipment was returned to us for an incomplete address. We are sending it back out today

Jessika S. (Tennessee)

My item was supposed to arrive almost a week after ordering, but I got it in two days! They also threw in a couple honey sticks, which were awesome and so thoughtful. 100% will be ordering from here again.

Nick (Connecticut)

Hemp Kief | Cultivar Specific

Michael B. (Florida)
Maybe the be CBG product I've had so far

I love this product. Sour CBG has incredible CBG effects. Mixes great with other flower and really heightens the effect. This Sour CBG kief seems more potent that CBG isolate. Very spacey when mixed with delta 9 flower.

Louis J. (South Carolina)

I got the CBD and CBG kief and I was very happy... It was my first time trying them and it was Great. Horn Creek always produce great stuff. I will always be a customer at Horn Creek. You have my business forever. Thanks for the gummies as well. They was awesome!

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frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Kief is perfect for culinary use. When decarboxylated, it can be infused into fats like butter or oil, offering a more concentrated and cleaner flavor profile for edibles. It's a potent alternative to traditional flower, with a general substitution ratio of 1 gram of kief to 7 grams of flower.

Yes, our kief is 100% natural and sourced from our own farm's biodynamically grown flower, ensuring you receive a product that's not only potent but also pure and free from harmful chemicals. We 3rd party lab test our kief to ensure purity.

Kief offers a more concentrated form of cannabinoids and terpenes compared to traditional flower. This means you can use less product to achieve the same effect, making it a cost-effective choice. Its finer texture and higher potency also make it ideal for those seeking a stronger, more immediate impact, whether it's for relaxation, pain relief, or enhancing the overall experience.

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