Pre-Roll Fat Packs

Select two packs for a discounted price! Each pack includes 5 –  1/2 gram hand twisted CBD pre-rolls made with some of our favorite flower. Packs come in child resistant containers. Each pack includes hemp wick which can be easily stashed inside the pre-roll pack.


Kush Cake

  • Total Flower Cannabinoids 17.60% | 14.52% CBD
  • Total Terpenes: 3.63%
  • (CBD Cake x Remedy Kush Diesel) Hybrid
  • Genetics by Hoku Seeds

Rock Candy

  • Total Flower Cannabinoids: 11.93% | 10.04% CBD
  • Total Terpenes: 2.78%
  • (CBD Candy x Remedy Kush Diesel) Hybrid
  • Genetics by Hoku Seeds


  • Total Flower Cannabinoids 20.08% | 16.61% CBD
  • Total Terpenes: 4.11%
  • (Lovebone x Remedy Kush Diesel) Indica
  • Genetics by Hoku Seeds

Pineapple Kush

  • Total Flower Cannabinoids 14.98% | 12.07% CBD
  • Total Terpenes: 3.51%
  • (Pineapple Tsu x ’98 Bubba Kush) Hybrid
  • Genetics by East Fork Cultivars

Oregon Guava

  • Total Flower Cannabinoids: 19.63% | 16.57% CBD
  • Total Terpenes: 3.61%
  • (ACDC x Sour Tsunami) Sativa Hybrid
  • Genetics by East Fork Cultivars

Pre-Roll Fat Packs

Pre-Roll information

CBD Pre-Roll Fat Packs | Two Pre-Roll Packs – Five 1/2 Gram Pre-Rolls Each

Select two Farmer’s Choice Pre-Roll Packs for a discounted price! Each pack includes 5 hand twisted CBD Pre-Rolls made with some of our farm’s favorite flowers. Each Pre-Roll is crafted using unbleached rolling papers to roll the perfect 1/2 gram size. Packs come in child resistant containers that are not only perfect for protecting the pre-rolls but are great for re-use! Each pack includes hemp wick which can be easily stashed inside the pre-roll pack.

Select 2 packs from 5 cultivar options:

  • Rock Candy | 10.04% CBD, 2.78% Terpenes
  • Oregon Guava | 16.57% CBD, 3.61% Terpenes
  • Lazybone | 16.61% CBD, 4.11% Terpenes
  • Kush Cake | 14.52% CBD, 3.63% Terpenes
  • Pineapple Kush | 12.07% CBD, 3.51% Terpenes

Year: Sungrown 2022

COA’s available upon request.

Shipping and Handling: Our premium CBD hemp flower is sought after for its nose, color, and potency. Each Pre-Roll contains 1/2 gram of premium outdoor air-dried Hemp Flower, machine filled, and hand finished. Our pre-roll 5 packs ship in a child proof container.

*Please note: It’s the buyer’s responsibility to know your state’s regulations for hemp and CBD products. 2014 Farm Bill Compliant. Questions? Call 877-541-4367 or email

*FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, or on medication. Keep out of the reach of children. For external use only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sage W. (Texas)
Sweet stuff

These things are sweet. Rolled very well. I wish they had the sour Hawaiian haze in pre rolls!

Joey M. (Utah)
Amazing 10/10 speedy shipping!

I love the products, and the service and shipping was perfect. Thick smoke and amazing smell.

Beth P. (Tennessee)
The best CBD ever!

I’ve tried so many different company’s and for the price and the potency, Horn Creek is the best! No anxiety, just eases me right to sleep! So thankful I found this company!

Gheorge (Virginia)

efficient delivery

outstanding product

well done!

keep up the great work!

Thank you from Virginia

Darin G. (Ohio)
Amazing! And I've tried them all.

This product has helped me so much with anxiety and insomnia. There is no nervousness or paranoia like you get with potent THC products. This family has done a wonderful job in producing this cbd or cbg product. Ill be ordering constant and many of my friends that have tried mine will be ordering also.
The packaging is amazing and the bonuses they send along with initial order is great business. Theres a lot of pride and love thats put into all of this. I seriously hope many read this and try it.
Thanks again

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frequently Asked Questions

In our opinion, the best pre-rolls are made from high CBD air dried hemp flowers. Some use shake and trim, but we find the best smoke comes from using the just buds. Horn Creek Farm makes pre-rolls with our favorite air dried small buds.

Horn Creek’s hemp is grown using biodynamic and organic methods. We adhere to a stringent program that meets, or exceeds, USDA organic practices. We lack USDA certification due to a biodegradable mulch that is not on the approved list.

Yes, all our flowers are 3rd party tested for potency of cannabinoids, terpenes, toxins, heavy metals, and molds. Compliance regulations vary state by state.