Farmer's Choice CBD Pre Rolls Packs for Anxiety Relief

Small batch, half gram, & ready-to-smoke hemp flower prerolls

Pre Rolls

Getting to Know Horn Creek Pre Rolls

Pre rolls are essentially ready-to-smoke hemp flowers. It’s a direct way to experience the product of our hard work and care. At Horn Creek, our promise is uncomplicated: our CBD pre-rolls contain only ground hemp flower. No shortcuts, no shake or trim. Just pure hemp, as nature intended. For those new to the world of CBD, these pre-rolls offer a calming and grounding experience, with many users noting a sense of relaxation and balance.

  • Pre-Rolls are Not Available for Purchase in California.

Why Do Horn Creek's Pre Rolls Stand Out?

CBD Pre Rolls: Crafted with Care at Horn Creek. Horn Creek has always been about dedication to the craft. Our CBD pre rolls are a reflection of our commitment to quality hemp cultivation and our belief that quality hemp flower shouldn’t break the bank. No frills, just honest, straightforward hemp flower from our farm to your front door.


Our pre rolls carry 1/2 gram of our select hemp flower, machine-filled for consistency and wrapped in paper with a natural filter.


Our CBD pre roll packaging ensures safety without compromising on functionality. Choose between our 2 pack tubes or the Farmer’s Choice Pre-Roll Packs that come in sets of five. With a hemp wick added and child-resistant containers, we prioritize both convenience and safety.

Starting your journey

If you're unfamiliar with CBD pre rolls, it's okay to wonder, "How much of a CBD pre-roll should I smoke?" Our advice is simple: start slow, see how you feel, and go from there.

frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions? Please reach out to our team at 877-541-4367 or at either or We look forward to helping you find the perfect smokable preroll for you!

Our Farmer’s Choice Pre-Roll Packs of five are priced at $12. If you’re looking for a bundle, our “Fat Packs” offer two of these 5 packs for $20. For those seeking a smaller option, our 2 packs are available for $4.50. That’s as affordable as $2.25 per pre-roll, ensuring quality doesn't have to break the bank.

To ensure the authentic taste of our hemp isn’t overshadowed by the butane from lighters, we recommend using the hemp wick included with our Farmer’s Choice Pre-Roll Packs. Light the hemp wick first, and then use its lit end to ignite your pre roll. This method preserves the genuine flavor of the hemp, offering a purer smoking experience.

Smoking our CBD pre-rolls typically offers a grounding experience. While individual reactions can vary, many users describe a feeling of relaxation, a decrease in anxiety, and a heightened sense of calm and balance. Remember, our pre-rolls are crafted to bring you closer to the natural benefits of hemp.

Users often report a calming effect from CBD flower, noting reduced stress and a sense of well-being.

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