CBD for them too

Because they deserve the best. CBD offers our furry friends the same long list of benefits it offers us. We love our pets very much.

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CBD provides tremendous benefits for our dogs, cats and horses. Whether pain, inflammation or anxiety, we find that animals are particularly receptive to cannabinoid help. Our CBD Pet Products are crafted to deliver proper dosing. Proper CBD doses for dogs is generally 1-5mg CBD per 10 lbs. CBD dosing for cats is similar, though most cat owners report 2-3mg per 10 lbs works best. A typical CBD dosage for horses is 20-40mg for anxiety and 40-60mg for pain. 

There are no known harmful side effects of overdosing CBD. However, animals do not respond well to THC. This is why we remove all THC from our pet products. Legal hemp products may contain up to .3% THC. This is a small enough percentage that it should not be harmful to pets unless your pet ingests a very large dose.

For more information about CBD dosages and the potential harmful effects of THC, see https://www.aspcapro.org/resource/faqs-about-cbd-use-pets

frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our pet products have been tested for safety and include ZERO THC.

Each Horn Creek product and potency will have its own dosing suggestions. Factors include product potency, product type, species of animal, size of animal, and more. Feel free to reach out for more information!

Yes! Pets share a similar endocannabinoid system as their humans and can achieve similar benefits when consuming CBD.