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New 2022 Golden CBD and CBG Kief is here.

A sprinkle or a spoonful, this potent addition is one to try.

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We create the finest CBD kief by carefully sifting our biodynamic CBD flower through fine mesh screens. CBD kief is made up of just the CBD trichomes from the flower. Trichomes are resinous pods on cannabis flowers that contain the majority of cannabinoid content. These glands turn amber when the plants mature. Trichomes should be amber at maturity. Premium CBD kief will be a warm light gold color. Sprinkle kief into your favorite CBD dosing method for added potency.

frequently Asked Questions

Horn Creek Farm concentrates are considered natural. Our processes focus on the benefits of full spectrum and broad spectrum cannabinoids.CO2 extraction is considered the purest adn cleanest tast

Solvent-less premium CBD pollen kief collected during processing of whole hemp flower. Extracted using a 151-micron mesh tumbler over a 12-hour cycle, our beautiful golden hemp flower pollen kief is produced.

Yes, all our products are 3rd party tested for potency of cannabinoids, terpenes, toxins, heavy metals, and molds. Compliance regulations vary state by state.

Depending on the desired effect, many recipes swap 1 gram of Kief vs 7 grams of flower.