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frequently Asked Questions

Horn Creek Hemp flower is sun grown in rich fertile soil using organic and biodynamic practices. We source solid genetics, use natural amendments, pest-control, and studies suggest that sun grown flower has the most developed cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Yes, all our flowers are 3rd party tested for potency of cannabinoids, terpenes, toxins, heavy metals, and molds. Compliance regulations vary state by state.

Biomass is leftover material from the hemp plant, which we sell as high quality hemp biomass. No stems, just clean high CBD material.  By de-stemming the harvest we create consistent extraction material with maximum CBD content.

Sugar leaf trim is collected from air-dried CBD and CBG rich hemp flowers during the machine trimming process. The water leaves have been removed while the flower is bucked from the stem. The end result is a flavorful trichome-rich material full of micro buds and cannabinoids.


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