CBD & CBG Topical for Pain Relief

Whether you’re seeking relief from discomfort or simply looking to pamper your skin, our topicals are a touch of nature’s best.

CBD Topicals & Body Care

CBD topicals represent the fusion of nature’s potency and modern skincare, delivering targeted relief right where it’s needed most. Crafted to be applied directly to the skin, these products harness the renowned therapeutic properties of CBD. By merging the best of hemp-derived compounds with luxurious ingredients, CBD topicals provide a holistic approach to wellness. Whether you’re seeking relief from discomfort or a nourishing skin experience, these topicals are a testament to the transformative power of nature.

Which CBD Topical Is Right For Me?

Daily Relief Salve (Available with or without THC):

Potency: 2,000 mg of CBD per ounce.

A potent formulation designed to soothe everyday wear and tear. This daily relief salve contains the same amazing botanical ingredients as our award winning Ruby’s Max Strength Salve; just lower potency and greater affordability. With its easy application, simply massage into affected areas as needed.

Ruby’s Max Strength Salve:

Potency: 5,000 mg of CBD, 250 mg of CBG per ounce.

Our most potent salve and specially crafted for bigger issues, this CBD topical is perfect for challenging areas. This salve not only boasts CBD benefits but is also infused with powerful botanicals like St. John’s Wort, Turmeric Root, Calendula, and Arnica. Apply directly for maximum effect.

Redemption Body Recovery Oil:

Potency: 1,500 mg of CBD, 1,500 mg of CBG per ounce.

Unlock profound relief with our Redemption Oil, our most potent CBG topical option. Crafted with a meticulous blend that allows the oil to absorb into the skin with unparalleled efficiency. Enriched with Jojoba and Meadowfoam seed oil, it’s formulated for those seeking the ultimate in topicals. Gently apply onto desired areas for rapid and efficient absorption.

Lavender Body Butter:

Potency: 300 mg of CBD per ounce.

A luxurious blend that moisturizes while providing calming relief. Key ingredients such as shea butter and lavender oil ensure smooth and nourished skin. Massage gently into the skin as part of your daily routine.

Three Salt Soak:

Potency: 100 mg of CBD per ounce.

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our Three Salt Soak. Bath salts like epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, and dead sea salt work harmoniously to soothe muscles. Simply dissolve in a warm bath and soak to feel its full effects.

Why Choose Our CBD Topicals?

Full-Spectrum Wellness

We use full-spectrum CBD, ensuring you receive the full benefits of the hemp plant. This includes the synergistic effect of various cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds.

Quality Ingredients

Central to our formulations is our own sun-grown, high-quality hemp flower, a testament to our commitment to purity and potency. We stand by the organic, all-natural quality of our ingredients, ensuring what you apply on your skin is nothing short of the best.

Ancient Meets Modern

Our offerings are a blend of age-old herbal wisdom and state-of-the-art extraction techniques, delivering products that are grounded in tradition and yet scientifically backed.

CBD Salve Spotlight

Ruby's Max

It isn’t just a product that we produce. It is a deeply integrated part of our lives. 

In the aftermath of a life-altering accident, our quest for a quality CBD salve took an unexpected turn towards the potential of hemp and CBD. Initially skeptical, the transformative power of this natural remedy was undeniable. Our personal experience with CBD’s potential led us to craft the Ruby’s Max Strength Salve, not just as a product, but as a testament to nature’s profound properties.

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Ruby’s Max Strength Salve, our award winning CBD topical, packs a punch, catering to persistent issues and higher tolerances.

stacked jars of ruby's max cbd & cbg salve
Our Most Potent Formulation

frequently Asked Questions

Have additional questions? Please reach out to our team at 877-541-4367 or at either sales@horncreekhemp.com or customercare@horncreekhemp.com. We look forward to helping you discover the perfect CBD topical or body care product for your everyday needs!

CBD topicals, crafted to be applied directly to the skin, harness the full soothing benefits and properties of CBD, offering targeted relief.

Learn How To Make Your Own CBD Salve

Topical CBD products, like salves, creams, or balms, are designed to be absorbed through the skin and typically don't enter the bloodstream in significant amounts. Thus, the chances of them causing a failed drug test are extremely low. However, if using a product with THC in large amounts, or combining with other ingestible cannabis products, there's a slight possibility of detectable THC levels.

Horn Creek CBD topicals are specially crafted skincare and pain-relief products infused with high-quality, sun-grown hemp flower from Horn Creek Farms. Designed to provide targeted relief, these topicals harness the therapeutic benefits of CBD & CBG to address pain, inflammation, and various skin concerns.

The optimal amount of Horn Creek CBD topical to use varies by individual and the specific concern being addressed. Start with a small amount, gently massaging it onto the desired area, and observe the effects. If needed, you can gradually increase the quantity until you find the amount that provides you with the desired relief.

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