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We are proud and humbled to be the most award-winning CBD company in the US, with over 24 Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, we work hard to provide our customers with quality and effective CBD products they deserve. Our biodynamic Flower has won 1st place awards at the High Times People’s Choice competition, Golden Grow awards and the Cultivation Classic. Our Sour Space Candy won first place in the most recent Cultivation Classic’s Headline award for the most enjoyable and consistent effects. This award had never been won by a CBD flower before.

Our CBD salves, CBD oils, CBD capsules, and edibles have also won top honors at the High Times event as well as the Golden Grow and Oregon Growers Cup. See why our carefully crafted award winners deserve their gold medals!

High Times Award Winners

Lifter Hemp Flower, Special Sauce Kief, CBDa Capsules, Sea Salt Caramels, Redemption Body Oil

The Golden Grow Awards

Oregon Sweetgum, Lifter Hemp Flower, Sour Pineapple, Sour Special Sauce, NW Top Grower

The Oregon Growers Cup

Outdoor GrowMaster, Ruby’s Max Salve, Super Special Sauce Kief

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The Cultivation Classic

Sour Space Candy, Special Sauce, Suver Haze

frequently Asked Questions

Typically, competitions employ a panel of judges with experience in both Hemp and Marijuana. Their backgrounds will be either as growers, hemp enthusiasts or both. There are some tremendously talented and knowledgeable people in the cannabis industry. They can detect minute hints of a cultivar’s origin, genetics and cultivation practices. Read More

CBD products and hemp flowers are evaluated differently. Products such as CBD salves, tinctures, topicals, and teas are judged based on appearance, feel, fragrance and efficacy. CBD hemp flower is judged based on looks, nose, terpene profile, potency, cure, flavor, and effects. Curing is absolutely critical.

The most credible results come from either single or double-blind, which is to say the judge’s do not know the farm, the cultivar, or even whether the flower is THC or CBD-rich. We were quite pleased and the judges quite surprised to find that our Sour Space Candy won the Cultivations Classic’s flagship ‘Credible Cultivar’ award. That award is given to the flower which receives the most consistent, and consistently favorable positive votes. This award has only been won by THC flower prior to 2020. 

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