Horn Creek Hemp Farm Team

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Director of Field Operations & Product
Brent is Farm Operations Manager. He is in charge of everything that happens in the Horn Creek Farm fields, as well as all material drying, curing and processing. His flowers have won 7 gold medals in the last year, including the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup. Brent keeps crews running smoothly and he runs a tight ship. If Brent says he will be somewhere at 6 am, he will not. He will be there at 5:45. Brent keeps the team on task which is a challenge. He is a pushover for his boys.
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Head Grower
Whitney has always had an animal nearby and her fingers in the soil. Her superpower is knowing what plants need as they grow. Whitney is passionate about biodynamic farming. She nourishes the living soil which in turn feeds the plants. She implements natural pest intervention, such as beetle banks to harbor predatory bugs. She uses her Medicinal Plant and Cannabis Horticulture Certifications to cultivate Horn Creek’s award winning flower and products.
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Engineering & Sales
Paul is in charge of Horn Creek engineering and sales which is an unusual combination. The farm’s origin was a result of his unfortunate and entirely preventable injury.  Following careers at Apple and Cisco, Paul and Whitney moved back to Medford. Paul is most at home walking the fields.  Pearl the Heeler is his guardian and loyal protector.
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Marketing & Social Media Manager
Hailey does all Social Media, Marketing, and Product Design. She is Horn Creek’s in-house photographer. In late summer, she is in charge of finding and destroying male plants. She is committed and proficient. Hailey is followed everywhere by her Corgi, Gertrude.
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Accounting & Operations
This is Madison, the picture says it all. She loves her boys and being in the field- it's her sanctuary. To kick off each growing season, she often rides the back of the planter, placing baby hemp plants in their new home for the year. It’s meditative. Otherwise you’ll find her in the office, working on accounting and administrative tasks. The usual boring stuff.
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Shipping Lead
Matt Like most of the team is busy year round. Harvest is his favorite season because that is when he is able to be outside with the plants. After harvest he follows the flower back to our shop where he stays busy for the remainder of the year. At the shop he is part of the shipping team responsible for getting your orders to you. Matt isn't afraid of a long day, but also loves to get out of work early and head to the mountains!
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Field Lead
Marcos is our field lead. He supervises harvest and trimming. Marcos keeps things humming year ‘round. When not working, Marcos enjoys soccer and his kids.
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Sy is on hiatus. We’ve given him a break from Horn Creek duties while he achieves his helicopter pilot’s license in Bend. Perhaps afterwards he can fly recon.
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Web & Media
Dylan joined the team in 2021 after moving from Portland. He is our in-house website designer and he assists Hailey with marketing, social media, and product design. He is finishing up his Agricultural Science degree from Oregon State University online, and if you catch him away from his computer, he’s probably out golfing.
Cooper Horn Creek Team Member


Quality Inspector
Tripp is in charge of QC and Morale. He can be found on his electric tractor, normally with a trailer full of tools. The plants stand straighter – we all stand straighter when he is around. Tripp has no bad days, and he gets to nap as often as he likes.
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Morale Officer & Soil Inspector
Paco is always happy and that is contagious. He is fond of dogs, excavators and soil. Paco experiences his world by touch, and sometimes by punching.
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Medical Advisor
Lee is the patriarch of the family. He is a retired pediatrician and our default medical advisor. After high school, he chose medicine over farming. But he always had the farming bug. Now in retirement he gets to do both. He uses Horn Creek CBD salve on his knees.
paddy the dog


Farm Security
Paddy is much larger than he realizes. He is terribly friendly and earnest. His security skills are solely based on his physical presence.
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Ground Patrol
Gert is an engaging Corgi. She is good looking, aloof and on the hunt for food. She doesn’t bark much. She is an Instagram influencer.
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Security and Stick Control
Pearl is farm security and stick control. She greets every visitor and gives them the opportunity to throw a stick. She will not be denied.
Georgie team dog


Varmint Control Cadet
Georgie is our newest addition to the family. She is currently in training, but her spark plug attitude has carried her to the top of her class. We anticipate a swift graduation and deployment into the field this season.
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Varmint Control
So very sorry to report that Mac has retired from varmint control. Mac had a route which he patrolled tirelessly. And he was not above barking down squirrel holes in frustration. Sadly, Mac’s singular focus caused him to ignore other hazards around him. Mac will be missed on the farm.

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