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How Much Is One Ounce Of Flower?

How much hemp is in one ounce? Is it enough for smoking? What about making edibles or tinctures?

What does an ounce of hemp look like? A gram? What about an eighth or a Quarter? What about a whole pound of hemp?

These are important questions when it comes to ordering hemp or other smokable flower. We regularly are asked by customers how much flower they should order to satisfy their needs. It’s a hard question to answer because everyone is different and the amount of flower you need depends on many factors. The main factor being what will you do with your flower?

To answer this question we should start with breaking down different weights of flower and what these amounts look like.

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Flower Measurements

How Much Is One Gram Of Flower in size?

How Much Is An Eighth (3.5g) Of Flower?

How Much Is A Quarter (7g) Of Flower?

How Much Is A Half Ounce (14g) Of Flower?

How Much Is One Ounce Of Flower?

How Much Is A Pound Of Flower?

How Do I Store My Flower?


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Flower Measurements

1 gram is the smallest amount of flower that is usually sold. Online ordering sometimes can be a minimum of 2 grams or an eighth because of the costs involved with shipping and packaging.

⅛ = 3.5 grams

¼ = 7 grams

½ = 14 grams

1 ounce = 28 grams

1 pound = 454 grams

These weights can be obtained through the use of scales which weigh flower in gram increments. The flower’s density and how many stems are within the flower can contribute to why a flower may look small but weigh heavy or look large but weigh light.

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Costs: The cost of one gram of hemp flower can range anywhere from $4-$12. The cost depends on many factors including whether the flower was grown (indoors or outdoors), whether you are purchasing one gram or more (usually the more you buy the cheaper it gets), how old the flower is (most outdoor harvesting is completed in fall), how many people “touched” the flower, and other overhead costs from the company.

At Horn Creek Hemp, we take pride in “touching” the flower throughout the whole process. Lowering the overhead of farming and processing allows companies like Horn Creek Hemp to offer flower at much more affordable and medicinal prices for consumers.

Why Doesn’t Every Farm Offer Farm-Direct-Pricing?

It’s not easy. Some say growing is the easiest part of the process, as drying, curing, and storing is a newer and harder concept for entry farmers to grasp when growing large quantities of flower. A lot of farmers will send flower away to other companies to dry and trim which adds overhead. As a consumer it’s important to understand why hemp prices are the way they are, and navigate away from expensive hemp prices simply due to bloated overhead. For more information about pricing check out our blog where we talk about the “wine test”.

How Much Is One Gram Of Flower? (1g)

1 gram of flower can be used efficiently in bongs or pipes with 1 gram lasting a few small bowls. Horn Creek Hemp sells half gram prerolls, so if you were to roll your own joints, 1 gram would fill 2 half gram joints.

How Much Is An Eighth Of Flower? (3.5g)

An eighth of flower weighs out to 3.5 grams. Depending on how fast an eighth is consumed, an eighth can last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. 3.5 grams would produce 7 half gram prerolls (3.5 full gram prerolls) or would be enough flower to easily fill a blunt. An eighth of flower would fill more than 10 personal sized bowls to smoke or 5+ shareable bowls.

When creating edibles or tinctures, an eighth is usually the minimum amount suggested to use. The price of flower continues to become more affordable (by gram) the more you purchase, and because of this, more experienced users will often suggest using a half ounce or more.

Costs: An eighth of hemp flower can range anywhere from $10-$35, but prices begin to fluctuate more when quantities rise. At Horn Creek Hemp we offer eighths starting at $12.

How Much Is A Quarter Of Flower? (7g)

A quarter of flower weighs out to 7 grams and can be used to create 14 half gram joints, 7 full gram joints, or 1-3 blunts depending how full you pack them. A quarter of flower can last multiple group smoking sessions with a bong or pipe. 7 grams of flower can last days or weeks even months depending on how fast the flower is consumed.

Costs: A quarter of hemp flower can range anywhere from $16-$40, but again prices will vary depending on the company and the price breaks they give customers for purchasing a higher quantity of flower. Horn Creek Hemp offers quarters starting at $18.

How Much Is A Half Ounce Of Flower? (14g)

A half ounce of flower weighs out to 14 grams which can be used to create 28 half gram joints, 14 full gram joints, or multiple large blunts. 14 grams of flower can last multiple weeks or months depending on the frequency of use. A half ounce can last a long time when used for personal use or in small smokeable bowls. A half ounce is a great amount to use with a group of friends and family members as everyone would have enough flower to fully enjoy the cultivar and have a chance to feel the full intended effects of the flower.

Costs: The cost of a half ounce of hemp flower can range anywhere from $25-$60 with Horn Creek offering a half ounce starting at $28.

How Much Is An Ounce Of Flower? (28g)

An ounce of flower weighs out to 28 grams (unless you grab a fat ounce from Horn Creek ≈ 30g). An ounce of flower would yield 56 half gram joints, 28 full gram joints, or 8 eighth sized blunts. An ounce is usually the most an average consumer will purchase at a time, as well as a common amount to purchase when creating edibles, tinctures, or other formulated products. An ounce would last the average user weeks or months depending on how fast they consume the flower.

Costs: An ounce of hemp flower can cost anywhere between $30-$100, but currently Horn Creek is offering our fat ounces for $25. It’s common for hemp companies to list flower prices that are grown outdoors cheaper towards the end of the growing season, as outdoor growing companies gear up for the new year’s harvest.

How Much Is A Pound Of Flower?

A pound of flower weighs out to 454 grams or 16 ounces. Pounds provide the best bang-for-your-buck, but a pound unless planned out ahead of time is tough as a normal consumer to go through in a timely manner.

Costs: A pound of hemp flower will roughly cost anywhere between $200-$500 a pound. Most people purchase pounds of hemp flower in order to complete batches of formulated CBD products or use for other commercial purposes.

flower in jarsHow Do I store My Flower?

When possible, you should always store your flower in a glass jar in the dark. Use the Boveda pack we include, as that will regulate moisture content.  Take the lid off periodically to be sure the moisture is where you want it. 

Sunlight and air will oxidize your flower.  Oxidation doesn’t degrade the potency, but the flower will turn slightly brown.  Well-stored flower will last much longer than you might think.  If you are storing for more than a year you might have ordered too much!

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