big hemp flower buds

Hemp Flower: Big vs Small Buds

In the ever-evolving hemp industry, a common misconception is that bigger is always better. When it comes to hemp buds, size doesn’t necessarily determine quality, potency, or value. Both big buds and small buds have their unique benefits. Understanding these can help you make the best choice for your needs and your pocketbook.

small hemp flower buds

Understanding Small Buds

Small buds, about the size of a dime, are an attractive option for those seeking affordability without sacrificing quality. They might be smaller in stature, but they’re not short on potency or benefits. Perfect for personal use, rolling into pre-rolls, or even extraction processes, small buds are versatile and offer the same cannabinoid content as their larger counterparts. While they might not be as visually captivating, they’re equally strong and therefore a bargain.

Big Buds: A Closer Look

In the past, Horn Creek often labeled big buds as ‘A’ or ‘B’ buds. However, this terminology has fallen out of favor because bud sizes vary significantly based on the hemp cultivar. A bigger bud comes from a different place on the plant, but third party lab testing proves that they A buds don’t necessarily contain more cannabinoids or terpenes than small buds from the same plant. When it comes to big or small buds, the genetic makeup of the hemp strain and farming practices, play the most crucial role in determining bud size.

big hemp flower buds

The Horn Creek Difference: Our Manicuring Process

At Horn Creek, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality hemp products. We carefully select the top colas for traditional hemp drying methods in our greenhouses. Once these flowers are appropriately dried, we gently hand-buck each flower into terpene bags to ensure optimal curing. These bags are turned and burped over several weeks to ensure our products are correctly cured.

After curing, our CBD flower undergoes a meticulous two-step trimming process. During this stage, we differentiate between the big and small buds, ensuring each bud, regardless of size, gets the attention it deserves. Small buds are typically attached to bigs during growth, but become detached during trimming.  Our small buds are just as potent and beneficial as our bigger ones, and we treat them with equal care and attention.

Horn Creek Farms

Small vs Big Buds

When choosing between big and small buds, it’s vital to remember that size is not the sole determinant of quality. Both bud types bring value, potency, and versatility to the table. Whether you’re looking for an affordable personal use option or a visually appealing bud, both big and small buds from Horn Creek are cultivated, processed, and manicured with dedication and care. Choose based on your personal needs, and rest assured that you’re getting quality farm-to-table flower.

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