We understand that finding the right product is not easy. Whether you’re new to hemp and CBD or you’re an experienced user, we think it’s crucial to share the most important information regarding our products and practices to our current and future customers. 


The benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) are broad and being researched as we write this. Scientific research is beginning to provide data to support these anecdotal stories. Minor cannabinoids are also becoming better understood. CBN has been studied for sleep benefits. CBG enhances the effects of other cannabinoids. Acidic cannabinoids - CBDa and CBGa are potentially much more bioavailable.  The 2014 farm bill removed restrictions for the scientific study of CBD and other cannabinoids. This is an optimistic time for learning more about the health benefits of CBD that people can experience without the psychoactive effects of delta 9 marijuana.

The legal age to smoke hemp flowers vary state by state. Generally, the legal age for smoking hemp flowers or buying CBD products is 18 years old. In some states the legal age is 21 years old.

Horn Creek Farm is located in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, just outside of historic Jacksonville.

Great question. Southern Oregon is a great place to grow hemp because it has the perfect combination of necessary elements to grow Cannabis Sativa L. In addition to rich soil, long hot summers, and pure water, we have an ideal terroir for the plant. Terroir is a term alluding to the ‘taste’ of a place. It is normally associated with wine, but it applies to all agriculture. Terroir is a result of climate, soil, terrain, flora, and even production tradition. Southern Oregon is located at the top of the Emerald Triangle. If Oregon is the premier hemp-producing state, Southern Oregon is the premiere production area within Oregon.

Horn Creek’s hemp flower is grown using biodynamic and organic practices. We adhere to a stringent program that meets or exceeds USDA organic practices. Our USDA certification in 2021 was incomplete due to a non-certified biodegradable mulch.

No.  We do not use any of the harmful materials on the disallowed lists of pesticides.  In addition to not using them, we also test for all contaminants to ensure there is no exposure whatsoever. We do use natural remedies such as cinnamon oil and other organic treatments to deter molds and insects.  Technically speaking, anything applied to a plant to deter insects is an insecticide.  However, that is not typically what people mean when they inquire about pesticide usage. Everything we use is food safe.  Much of it appears in foods.  These include: cinnamon oil (aphids don’t like it); B. subtilis (present in the human digestive system and used as an ingredient in fermented foods and yogurt);

See also the FAQ above for the benefits of CBD. In addition to the most common benefits of CBD, CBD hemp flower provides some additional benefits. As raw flower, the CBD present is in the acidic form of CBDa. It will not become CBD until it is decarboxylated by heat or other conversions. CBDa has been shown to be more bioavailable than CBD. Recent studies explore CBDa blocking entry of the COVID 19 virus to human cellsCBD hemp flower can be extracted at home for the most effective whole plant topicals and tinctures. Smoking or vaping hemp flower is the fastest means of feeling the effects. This allows users to quickly determine if hemp flower is a good fit for them and at what dosage. Finally, users explore whether smoking or vaping hemp flower can help them stop smoking both cigarettes and marijuana. There are numerous support groups on Reddit to help others slow or stop the use of these other vices.

CBD is the cannabinoid called Cannabidiol.  It is found in the plant Cannabis Sativa L.  Cannabis Sativa L is classified as hemp when delta 9 THC is below .3%, and it was legalized with the 2014 farm bill. CBD is present in marijuana as well.  Historically, CBD diminished as the cannabis plant was bred for high THC content.  CBD has made a comeback recently.  Genetics now target very high CBD and low THC cultivars.  Many marijuana cultivars are also now featuring more evenly blended CBD to THC content.

CBD works with your body’s own endocannabinoid system, or ECS, which is widely located in your brain and throughout your body. CBD targets your CB1 and CB2 receptors and full spectrum cannabinoids may contribute to homeostasis, alleviate pain, increase appetite, and enhance mood.

Hemp flower is federally legal. However, each state is able to restrict the sale and use of CBD and other cannabinoids. We encourage buyers to do their own research regarding the state’s rules and regulations. Customers should monitor state laws as they are rapidly changing to address the popularity of CBD, and the advent of CBD isomers such as delta 8 THC. States with some degree of restrictions include Alabama, Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire South Dakota, and The District of Columbia.

Yes, you can travel with CBD or hemp products, but we encourage buyers to know their own state’s rules and regulations. There are certificates of analysis available upon request.

There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that suggests there are certain benefits from adding cannabinoids to your regimen. Only recently have peer reviewed studies begun to lend credibility to the anecdotes.  Research studies CBN for sleep.  CBD and CBDa for pain and inflammation. Studies focus on CBG and CBGa for inflammation as well as pain. It’s important to note, we cannot give medical advice as we are not medical professionals. Consult your physician to find the best fit for your needs.

To get in contact with us regarding wholesale pricing, drop shipping, or white labeling buying opportunities, please contact us directly.

It is best practice to consult your physician before starting or stopping any new regiment. Discuss with your doctor what you are currently using to avoid any drug interactions.

Some of the more common effects of CBD could be appealing during pregnancy - relief from pain, inflammation, insomnia, and nausea. However the FDA strongly advises against the use of CBD and THC during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is always in best practice to consult your physician before starting or stopping any new regimen.

A COA, or certificate of analysis, contains a lot of information and can be overwhelming when learning how to read what you are looking at. COAs are primarily used to estimate the percentage of CBD and THC the hemp contains. COAs can also contain terpene profile, pesticides, heavy metal, and toxins.


If you entered the wrong address, we can fix it as long as we can intercept your order before shipment. We strive to offer a quick shipping time and address errors not caught in time may still be shipped. Please contact us directly to resolve entry errors.

Yes, you can cancel your order if we can catch your order before it has been processed for shipment. We strive to offer a quick shipping time and cancelations may be missed. Please contact us directly to ensure interception. Horn Creek cannot cancel orders that have already shipped. See our Return Policy for further details.

If you didn’t receive your tracking information, please contact us directly. Order updates, including tracking information, are automatically emailed to the account holder. Exceptions include orders placed offline or through different shipping services that may require a manual update. We strive to provide order updates ASAP and we are happy to provide any additional information.

Your shipping options included all USPS, UPS, and select freight options. Some options are only available when ordering directly and require a quote. All shipments are insured and FOB Jacksonville, Oregon.

Horn Creek Farm does accept returns on a case by case basis. Returns need to be made 14 days from time of receipt, require a RMA issued by HCF before return can be finalized. We want you to be happy with your order and if for any reason you are not happy, please contact us directly and we can review your order. See return policy for complete details. Customer may incur shipping and handling fees to return product. Costs vary and may be upwards of $50 or greater.

Once you place your order a confirmation email will be sent to you. Order updates and tracking information will be emailed in real time. We process orders Monday-Friday and are closed on all major holidays. Average processing time is 1-3 business days.

Yes, your package will be sent discreetly. Our fulfillment center takes great care throughout the shipping process to ensure discreet delivery. All orders are double bagged to mitigate odor, packaged in a generic box with the seams taped shut, and there is no reference to hemp on the box.

No, unfortunately at this moment we do not ship Internationally. We do ship to all American territories.

Yes, we can ship to all 50 states. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to know state laws and regulations.

You will receive your order in 2-7 business days from the time of shipment depending on shipping service selected. Orders are processed 1-3 business days after receipt and shipped Monday- Friday excluding all major holidays.

You will receive order confirmation and updates throughout the shipping process. All updates are sent to the email on file and tracking numbers are posted at time of shipment.

Each shipment is packaged in order to ensure quality. All hemp is double bagged to mitigate odor, packaged in a generic box with the seam taped shut, and no reference to hemp on the box.


Horn Creek’s hemp is grown organically and we source organic ingredients for our formulated products. We are not USDA certified organic, however, many practices we use exceed USDA standards.

Horn Creek Farms is a multi-generational family-owned and operated hemp farm located in Southern Oregon. We focused on using eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices to grow the best hemp possible.

Horn Creek Hemp started in 2016 under hemp pilot program after Paul severely injured his leg. After months of rehabilitation and a heavy pharmaceutical regimen, we stumbled upon hemp salves. Hemp was a natural direction once we started to see the full spectrum benefit of CBD.

We source our flower seeds only from accredited companies with solid genetics. We have sourced hemp flower from neighboring farms that align with our standards when our inventory is low or to offer more variety to buyers.

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing with low MOQ and white label options too. Contact us directly for further details.

Horn Creek Farms accepts most payment methods including all major credit cards, money orders, personal checks, wire transfers, and cash. Some companies, like PayPal, do not support hemp companies at this time.

Horn Creek is a Seed-to-Sale company that offers Farm-direct low prices. At Horn Creek Farm, we plant, grow, harvest, cure, trim, process, craft, package, and ship directly to consumers without the additional cost of outsourcing any of those services. This allows us to set lower prices for the high-quality hemp and CBD products.

Yes, you can visit the farm and come view our products in Jacksonville, Oregon. Contact us directly to schedule your appointment.

Horn Creek Farm sells hemp flowers and CBD formulated products in bulk and in retail sizes. We will be expanding our offerings into brick and mortar stores. Contact us directly for a list of stores in your area.


Horn Creek Farm’s hemp flower is not certified organic at this time. We adhere to organic guidelines throughout the growing processes and lack certification due to biodegradable mulch used that doesn’t meet those guidelines.

Yes, all our products are 3rd party tested for potency of cannabinoids, terpenes, toxins, heavy metals, and molds. Compliance regulations vary state by state.

What makes Horn Creek Farm’s product different is the level of care throughout the entire process. From seedlings to harvest, we have all worked together with the same goal in mind, to offer the highest quality hemp flower and biomass at the most affordable market prices. After harvest, we sort material to ensure the best hemp flowers are reserved for the boutique hemp flower.

It is normal for some hemp to smell like hay. Things to consider are the age of the flower, how it was dried after harvest, how it has been stored, and genetics. Quickly dried or Improperly  stored flower can reduce the smell. Genetics have come leaps and bounds to develop high CBD cannabis with developed terpenes that resemble marijuana, but some cultivars have better smell and taste than others. It’s an exciting journey.

Horn Creek Hemp flower is sun grown in rich fertile soil using organic and biodynamic practices. We source solid genetics, use natural amendments, pest-control, and studies suggest that sun grown flower has the most developed cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

If you think that you have found mold, or something not normal, contact us directly so we assist you right away.

There are lots of ways to store flower and CBD products. The most important thing to note is to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. Hemp Flower benefits from being stored at an ideal humidity, in an air-tight container, in a temperature-controlled environment, and stored out of direct sunlight.

It is possible to find seeds in your flower order because hemp isn’t genetically guaranteed as seedless. We have a stringent quality control process and any heavily seeded flower moves to a different program. It’s considered normal to find a dozen, or less, seeds per pound.

The difference between hemp isolate, full spectrum, and distillate simply put is how much of the whole plant it contains. CBD isolate is isolated from all other cannabinoids and is considered the purest form of CBD. CBD Distillate, also referred to as broad-spectrum, still has the whole plant benefit of full spectrum oil without any THC. Full Spectrum CBD oil is the most complete and contains all the cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC, terpenes, and other whole plant compounds.

Full spectrum CBD oil offers the most benefit because it contains the most complete make up of cannabinoids and terpenes. This is referred to as the entourage effect of CBD. Basically, the cannabinoids and terpene offer a superior effect that of isolate.

The recommended dose for CBD tincture varies from person to person. There are many factors to consider like age, weight, overall health, intended use, etc. A general guideline is 5 mg per 20 pounds, or 0.25 mg per pound, to start. Horn Creek tinctures boast 2,000 mg of CBD per bottle, or 67mg per 1 ml dropper. It’s best practice to consult your physician before use.

Horn Creek makes their full spectrum CBD oil with supercritical CO2 Extraction. We prefer this method because it keeps some of the CBD in acid form for those who prefer it. There are other solvent-based and solventless methods that include hydrocarbon and ethanol extraction.

You can absolutely use our hemp products to make dabs. Some products to consider would be Small Buds, Sugar leaf trim, or kief.

Horn Creek Farm concentrates are considered natural. Our processes focus on the benefits of full spectrum and broad spectrum cannabinoids. CO2 extraction is considered the purest and cleanest taste.

Both CBD and CBN are currently being studied for efficacy as sleep aids.  

We have vegan gummies and gelatin gummies available. All our gummies are naturally gluten-free.

In our opinion, the best pre-rolls are made from high CBD air dried hemp flowers. Some use shake and trim, but we find the best smoke comes from using the just buds. Horn Creek Farm makes pre-rolls with our favorite air dried small buds.

If your salve has separated due to heat, gently stir until combined. Due to the nature of organic ingredients used in making our formulated products colors may vary from batch to batch.


CBD doesn't get you or make you feel ”high”. When using full spectrum CBD, users may experience the CBD entourage effect. The combination of full plant cannabinoids and terpenes may attribute enhanced feelings. Everybody is different.

Hemp, or CBD, doesn’t cause any noticeable effect by itself. When using full spectrum CBD, users may experience the CBD entourage effect. The combination of full plant cannabinoids and terpenes may attribute enhanced feelings.

There is no supporting evidence that suggests that hemp or CBD is addictive. Please consult your physician to discuss what may be best for you.

You don’t have to smoke hemp to get the benefits of CBD. People can also eat in edibles, can hold tinctures in the mouth, and apply topically to deliver a high dose to target stubborn pain.

It is possible to fail a drug test when using full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC and that may show up on a drug test.

CBD doesn’t make you feel tired by itself. When using full spectrum CBD, users may experience the CBD entourage effect. The combination of full plant cannabinoids and terpenes may contribute to feeling tired.

Hemp and CBD are similar in the sense that hemp contains CBD. Cannabis contains CBD too but in much lower concentrations.

You can give CBD to your dog. Dogs are extremely sensitive to THC and it should be avoided. Dosage is usually based on weight. Consult your vet if you are concerned with side-effects.

Yes, hemp seeds are legal but it’s important to note that many genetics are owned and not available for resale.

Hemp was first legally grown in select states under the 2014 Farm Bill as part of a pilot program. The Agricultural Act of 2018, or the 2018 farm bill, federally legalized hemp as a commodity. Rules and regulations vary state-to-state.

The difference between hand and machine-trimmed is all in the name! All hemp flowers are bucked from the stem by hand and run through a series of machine trimmers. Next, the flowers are separated from sugar leaf trim and small buds. For a hand trimmed finish, we select the best flowers and clean up by hand removing crow’s feet, excess leaves, and stems.

Biodynamic farming is an alternative approach to modern growing practices and is similar to organic farming. The use of natural pest control, soil amendments, and following ideal growth cycles. It is an inclusive approach to farming that considers the connections between a healthy soil biome and healthy plants.

Hemp was made legal under the 2018 farm bill. Hemp was considered illegal previously because of its close relations to marijuana. Legalization of industrial hemp allows farmers to grow low-to-no THC hemp plants for cannabinoids, seeds, and textile fibers.

Before hemp is ready to harvest, there are a few things to consider. Genetically, some plants mature quicker than others and we will test the levels of cannabinoids to achieve the optimum potency. It’s ideal to harvest when the pistils, or hairs, of the hemp flower are 60%-90% amber in color.

CBD is the dominant cannabinoid present in industrial and feminized hemp.

The part of the plant that contains the most CBD is the flowers, or buds, and trichomes that can be found around the flowers and on some sugar leaves. The seeds, stem, and roots contain no cannabinoids.

Hemp wick is beeswax covered hemp twine used in place of butane or propane lighters. This lighter alternative burns at a lower temperature which can improve the overall taste.

The entourage effects is the term used to describe the enhanced benefit of full spectrum CBD consumption. Studies suggest that using CBD in its most natural form encourages balance, or homeostasis. Trace amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds found in the plant offer an enhanced effect than consuming CBD in an isolated form.

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