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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

If you’ve visited our farm, chances are you’ve met the Woman, Mother, Wife, and Friend behind it all. Whitney is our soil guardian and hemp whisperer.  It is her hard work and quiet dedication that is shown day in and day out.

Whether you’re shopping for Mother’s Day or just a gift to show Mom you appreciate her, we have gifts that are sure to help her unwind and relax! 

Full Spectrum CBD provides the most comprehensive relaxation experience – using the entire list of cannabinoids in the amounts nature decided was best.

Mother's Day CBD Gift Guide

  •  Three Salts CBD Soak
    Is there anything better than getting into a nice warm bath after a long day? The best place to relax your mind and body!  This blend of natures’ minerals is very effective at helping reduce the wear and tear on our bodies. Our Three Salts Soak Blend is a combination of magnesium-rich Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink, and America’s very own Redmond Sea Salt from Utah. These three salts together with a soothing blend of essential oils chosen for their healing properties combined with 630 mg of full-spectrum CBD, is just what Mom needs to unwind!
  •  Whole Hemp Flower Herbal Tea Blend
    This tea blend is carefully crafted with our whole flower CBG (cannabigerol) Hemp. CBG is the newly celebrated powerhouse of the phytocannabinoids. This relaxing Evening Repose is a colorful and fragrant combination of caffeine-free herbs. Charming characters like Lemon Balm, Peppermint, and Lemon verbena will lift spirits! Your way of being there for Mom just when she needs it the most.
  •  Sip & Soak Gift Pack
    Your choice of a Medium or Large gift package, you can’t go wrong with either. Both options are full of our best CBD products. Don’t forget to customize your message with the gift!

Sip & Soak Gift Pack

  • Medium Package:
    • (28) gram pouch of CBG Evening Repose Tea Blend
    • (3.5) ounces pouch of Three Salts Bath Soak
    • (4) pack of 10mg Peach Pear CBD gummies
    • (6) assorted truffles

Large Package:

  • (50) gram tin of CBG Evening Repose Tea Blend
  • (7) ounce tin of Three Salts Bath Soak
  • (12) pack of 10mg Peach Pear CBD gummies
  • Salted Almond Chocolate bar

Horn Creek Farms

Mother's Day

Horn Creek Hemp has always been and continues to be, a family-owned business. Those are the values that we lean on each day, which is why we appreciate so much everything that Whitney does for us at the farm. And we hope to honor her this week for everything she does for us at home, and in the fields.

While this Mother’s Day may seem different than the rest, it’s still important to show mom that you care. With our CBD Mother’s Day gift guide options, she’s sure to appreciate the thought you have put into her gift.

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