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CBD And CBG Herbal Tea

Hemp Tea: A Ritual Full Of Benefits

Are you the type who loves to cozy up with a good cup of tea? While your average tea may provide health and relaxation advantages, CBD hemp tea takes these factors to another level. And the best part—It’s as simple as making any other tea.  While drinking your CBD may seem like one of many new trends surrounding the world of hemp, people have been drinking this herbal concoction for thousands of years and it’s easy to see why.


This powerful blend of leaves and flowers (sometimes even the root) of the cannabis plant is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, it can be a lot

tastier than other forms of concentrated cannabinoids.

● Anxiety And Depression

CBD in hemp affects the brain’s serotonin receptors which have anxiolytic (anxiety relieving) effects. Since serotonin is the key hormone responsible for balancing

our moods, happiness, and overall well-being, hemp tea may be able to help those who are suffering from hormonal imbalances.

● Sleep Disorders

Like chamomile and lavender, hemp can make it easier to fall asleep. Several studies have shown that CBD positively affects the part of the brain that is responsible for sleep patterns, benefitting people who are looking to improve their REM sleep.

Digestive Benefits

If you’re a tea drinker, you know that ginger helps with both digestion and nausea, and hemp tea can be just as effective. Serotonin release powered by CBD blocks feelings of pain that can be triggered by digestive discomfort. This beverage can offer relief from IBS, and nausea due to cancer treatment.

How To Brew

Basic recipes call for one teaspoon of dry hemp leaves per one cup of water. Using a tea bag or loose leaf tea infuser, submerge the mixture into a cup of water from 175F to boiling.  Let steep for 5 minutes and enjoy!  We frequently add CBD tincture for higher dosages.  The best method is to add a slice of Meyer lemon to your cup, add your preferred measure of tincture, then pour the finished tea over this.

For a more flavorful experience, we’ve created a beautiful herbal blend with lemon balm, peppermint, and chamomile that is caffeine free. It makes for the perfect

before-bed beverage. Keep in mind that if you’d like to add a tincture to your favorite tea, this oil is not water soluble, so you’ll need a fatty component such as coconut oil or butter to help your body better absorb it.

If you enjoy drinking tea, hemp tea can add even more value to your ritual by soothing the mind, body, and soul.

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    1. Hi Jane.

      You do not need to do so. The raw hemp provides CBDa and CBGa, which have their own benefits. CBG extract is added to ensure at least 500 mg per tin. The extract is already decarboxylated. So the tea includes CBGa, CBG and CBD.

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