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Can I Travel With CBD?

Can you fly with CBD? Yes, you can, but you should know the rules about traveling with CBD.

Can you fly with CBD tinctures and edibles? Yes.

Can you travel with CBD gummies? Yes again.

Can you take CBD topicals and creams on airplanes? Yes.

We get asked this all the time. The brief answer is yes. You can travel with CBD Oil. You can travel with CBD cream and you can travel with CBD gummies. That said, remember to follow the TSA guidelines. First of all, be sure your carry-on CBD items are hemp-derived and contain less than .3% THC. Of course, all carry-on liquids are restricted to 3.4 ounces.

The two pressing reasons for bringing CBD products in your carry-on luggage are: 

dogs with cbd tincture

a) if you will be using CBD in-flight and b) if you want to avoid any lost-bag delays. 

Many people will take their own airline anxiety down a notch with gummy or tincture.
Our most common use on an airplane is when our dogs are joining us in the air. Gertrude and Georgie both fit under the seat.  
Pet CBD drops are perfect for pets that are traveling with you.

TSA and CBD Travel

Taking formulated CBD products on a flight is easier still in checked baggage.  TSA has a site that tells you what you can bring in carry-on and checked bags. CBD products in your checked bags are also legal, and they will not be scrutinized as carry-on bags will be. Nor do they have the 3.4 ounce restriction. Be sure that they are contained inside something to protect your clothes if the containers leak.  

If it is legal to fly with CBD? There will be no problems, right?

Well, probably. But there is the human factor. Some TSA agents may not know all of the rules for flying with hemp and CBD products. All of our CBD products meet the federal guidelines for TSA compliance. It is a good idea to bring test results just in case you are asked.  

You should also check the laws of the states to which you are traveling. Some destinations may have more restrictive laws about traveling with CBD, and especially traveling with D8 THC and D9 THC.

Can I travel with CBD hemp flower?

It is legal to travel with CBD hemp flower, however, we don’t advise it. If the TSA finds your flower, they might release it to you if you have the proper paperwork. They might also require further testing, especially if you have larger amounts. Your options then are to either forfeit the product and make your departure, or wait for testing to be done but miss your flight. Neither option is good. We recommend that you ship your flower by USPS to your destination.

You are more likely to alert TSA staff if you are traveling with over an ounce of flower. It is much more advisable to be safe and make your flights.  

Travel with CBD for Pets

Traveling with animals is very stressful for them. All dogs and cats could use some stress relief for flying anxiety. 

dog at the baggage claim

Animals with anxiety issues are particularly vulnerable. We take CBD tincture for pets on flights. 

Everybody is better off – you, your pet, and your seatmates. Be sure to start your furry friend’s dose an hour before you arrive at the airport. Repeat as necessary with dosing or 1 to 10 mg per 5 lbs.

All animals respond differently to CBD dosing. We strongly advise you to learn how much CBD your pet needs well before you travel with them. 

International travel with CBD 

When our customers ask if they can take CBD aboard international flights, we give the same advice with more precautions. International security is tighter than domestic. If you hope to bring CBD tinctures or edibles on airplanes be sure to research your destination’s CBD laws.

Can you travel with CBD in Europe?

Many countries in the EU require less than .2% THC. You might wish to travel only with THC-free formulations. Some countries such as Switzerland allow 1% total THC but that is unusual. Most are either .3 or .2% total THC allowed.

Check out all items allowed and banned on domestic flights at TSA’s website here.

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