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Happenings at the Hemp Farm!

Welcome to the Blog Library; Find all things Hemp, Farming Techniques, How To’s, new CBD and Hemp Flower product releases, Cultivars, and more.

Blog Library

A Collection of Family Farming Experiences, What's Happening Around The Farm, and All Things Hemp Flower & CBD Products
lonermob interview and tour

Interview and Tour With Lonermob

Check out Ian aka “Lonermob” as he hosts an interview with Paul at our family farm and packaging facility! This is the second time Lonermob …

hemp farm with red barn

Oregon Hemp Growers Face Uncertain Future – OPB Article

Transcript and Interview from March 28, 2022. Listen to the Interview According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the market for hemp production in the …

horn creek products with flower background

The Symphony Of CBD

From The Jacksonville Review – September 2022 Issue In the evolving popularity of cannabinoids, lead players have emerged. CBD and THC are the stars of …

flowers in horn creek farms

Flowers Are Prettier Than Plastic

From The Jacksonville Review – August 2022 Issue Years ago, we reviewed the environmental impact of hemp farms. We all found it wanting. They were …

paul walking with plants

On Hemp: The Start of Horn Creek

From The Jacksonville Review – July 2022 Issue Ten years ago, I slid off the Gary West Meats roof during a December storm. Each surgery confirmed …

cbd tincture on airplane

Can I Travel With CBD?

Can you fly with CBD? Yes, you can, but you should know the rules about traveling with CBD. Can you fly with CBD tinctures and edibles? …