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Happenings at the Hemp Farm!

Welcome to the Blog Library; Find all things Hemp, Farming Techniques, How To’s, new CBD and Hemp Flower product releases, Cultivars, and more.

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A Collection of Family Farming Experiences, What's Happening Around The Farm, and All Things Hemp Flower & CBD Products
CBD Distillate Oil

How To Use CBD Oil – A Basic CBD Primer

There is so much information on CBD oil, yet so little information on how to use it and what to expect. This will be a …

Views From Southern Oregon

Farm Update March 2023

We find ourselves caught in second winter. After a brief window of warm spring weather we are once again in snow storms.  Great for skiing, …

horn creek hemp flower

2022 Hemp Flower Buyer’s Guide | Round 3 Releases

Our latest flower release Includes both our newest flower type and our nostalgic favorite. As our operation evolves, we’ve added many new cultivars.  In our …

round 2 cbd and cbg hemp flowers

2022 Hemp Flower Buyer’s Guide | Round 2 Releases

The hemp world continues to evolve.  We try to stay up to date and change with it.  In recent years we saw significantly increased interest …

2022 Horn Creek Hemp Flower

2022 Hemp Flower Buyer’s Guide | Round 1 Releases

Hello Horn Creek Community! 2022 was a pivotal year.  It marked a return to sanity in our valley.  It also saw a huge contraction in hemp …

hemp flower male

Fall Research On The Farm

From The Jacksonville Review – October 2022 Issue Fall comes on slowly, then all at once. We are approaching that transition. One morning I will be …