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cbd tincture on airplane

Can I Travel With CBD?

Can you fly with CBD? Yes, you can, but you should know the rules about traveling with CBD. Can you fly with CBD tinctures and edibles? …

2022 planting hemp flower

Farm Update & 2022 Season Cultivar Lineup

Farm Update, May 2022 The Horn Creek CBD fields are hopping this spring. We are making improvements, adding CBD cultivars and finding ways to be more …

cbda vs cbd

How Is CBDa Different From CBD?

And how is CBGa different from CBG?  The recent COVID study from the Oregon State University’s Global hemp Innovation Center has many asking this question. …

cutting board of hemp sizes

How Much Is One Ounce Of Flower?

How much hemp is in one ounce? Is it enough for smoking? What about making edibles or tinctures? What does an ounce of hemp look …

pricing banner

Why Horn Creek Hemp Prices Are Low

As consumers, we have interesting logic. Our first impression of product quality is based on price. But price and quality aren’t related. At all. Products …

osu visits farm

Orchardists, OSU, Oregon CBD, And Others Tour Horn Creek Farms

On July 15th Horn Creek hosted visitors from around the state. The Oregon State University extension office holds an event for Pear Orchardists and supporting …