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Gory Story, Part II

After my embarrassing fall (read PART 1) that left my foot a little more than useless, I decided to try some CBD salves for pain relief that my son shared with me.

I had been transitioning between excruciating pain and drooling zombification, and I was fed up. I applied the CBD salve liberally to my wounds, and I waited. I couldn’t tell if it was working. I thought so, but quantifying the absence of pain is difficult. So I would apply salve for a day. Then stop for a day. Definite difference.

Premium quality CBD for pain relief is much different than western medicine’s diet of crunchy oxy-something or other. Opioids work in a ham-fisted way. The pain is dulled but present, buried under a stupor–like throwing a blanket over a scary monster to ignore it.

Topical Salves

I marveled at the clear-headed and pain-free result of topical CBD salves. With the right dose of CBD, I would realize that the monster had left the room.

At first, while using the CBD, I had to dip into pain pills at times, but not nearly as much as when I wasn’t using CBD.  And as time went on, salve was enough to combat the pain.

So we started experimenting…

I bought raw hemp flower, and we steeped CBD salves and CBD teas with various potencies and blends. 2,000 mg/ounce was the sweet spot: it best controlled the bone-deep chronic pain I had been experiencing.

As we got deeper into making CBD products, friends and family became volunteer test subjects. We sought out the cynical, as they give the most candid reviews.

CBD Experiments

Doctors in our family took a clinical approach on themselves. They treated knee replacements and other ailments with experimental methodology: three days on, three days off.

Frequently, they found ancillary benefits.

They slept better.

Their skin improved.

We’d hear that the doubtful spouse who rubbed it on their back found their arthritic fingers felt much better.

So rather than transition from couch to wheelchair, I went with a tractor, and we found ourselves growing a half-acre of premium CBD hemp. Three years post-experimentation later, the entire family is deeply involved in our 17-acre family-owned hemp farm.

Horn Creek Farms

Gory Story Continues

Seven years post-accident and 15 surgeries later, I sit here with 8 dramatic scars (trophies!) on my left leg. I’m due for two more surgeries soon.

I now have recycled parts. Screws derived from cow bones (they are assimilated by your own bones), spare parts from unfortunate others, and even re-routed my own functioning tendons. Sadly, that left foot remains a shadow of its former self. It hangs awkwardly, but it doesn’t flash pain quite like it did thanks to premium quality CBD. And I no longer even need to salve regularly.

I don’t know exactly what CBD does. How it works.  I wish U.S. laws had allowed more research studies to examine that. But it is truly a gift. It isn’t fixing my core disability, but it certainly dulls the piercing, infuriating nerve pain.

So short story long…

That is why we farm organic hemp. We’ve come a long way. Farming is tremendously fun. The industry is exciting, and we are about to release a commercial line of CBD tinctures, salves, and teas.

Arguably one of the best things about this work is the look on the face of a new convert.  Invariably they ask, “What was in that?!” I can only hope that if you’re suffering, CBD can offer you similar relief.

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