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2022 Hemp Flower Buyer’s Guide | Round 3 Releases

Our latest flower release Includes both our newest flower type and our nostalgic favorite.

As our operation evolves, we’ve added many new cultivars.  In our first year of farming we grew just one – Oregon CBD’s Special Sauce.  From that date we’ve experimented with more than 30 additional high CBD flower strains.  This year we selected 25 of our favorites.

Shaolin Gleaux
High Alpine Genetics
High Alpine Genetics Shaolin Gleaux is our first high CBD auto-flower attempt.  Shaolin Gleaux is very unique, in that the flower produces very dark purple, almost black buds.  It contains 14% CBD and 16.5% total cannabinoids.  Terpenes are strong, at 3.3% with Ocimene and terpinolene in the top three.  The nose is strong on citrus with some gas.  Buds are loose, effects are heady and energizing.  Watch for Shaolin Gleaux from our nascent greenhouse operation.
Blue Orchid
East Fork Cultivars
Blue Orchid hemp flower is among the latest from East Fork Cultivars.  It is a cross between Blue Dynamite and Ringo’s Gift.  Effects lean towards an Indica.  Blue Orchid is one of the most potent flowers we grew, with cannabinoids at 18.5% and almost 4% terpenes!  Guaiol and pinene make for a floral and pine nose with some citrus.  Buds are slightly purple and medium density.  Mellowing effects work for either day or night time use.
Oregon Guava
East Fork Cultivars
Two cultivars in this round are from East Fork Cultivars.  Sour Pineapple and Oregon Guava are two favorites. Oregon Guava is potent at 19.5% total cannabinoids and 16.6% CBD.  Terpenes are very high, at 3.6%.  b myrcene, b caryophyllene and pinene are dominant, so the nose is fruity and citrus.  Oregon Guava buds are purple with orange pistils.  OG is a hybrid with sativa-like effects.  Expect a mellow calm.  Great for night time use.
Sour Pineapple
East Fork Cultivars
Next from East Fork is Sour Pineapple.  Sour Tsunami x Pineapple Tsunami produces 19% cannabinoids and 15.3% CBD.  These buds have 3.6% total terpenes with Ocimene in the top three.  Nose is piney, fruity and citrus.  Buds are quite round, with gold highlights on a dark green background.  Watch out for couch lock!
CBG White
Oregon CBD Seeds
Three of our final round are from the OG – Oregon CBD.  CBG White is the benchmark Cannabigerol flower.  This batch has surprisingly high terpenes for CBG – 1.4%.  Guaiol adds the tell tale yeast/bread nose.  This is 14% CBG, and it produces very light colored trichomes.  CBG White always delivers with mental clarity and focus.  CBG White will always produce whitish green buds.  Try mixing them with CBD flower for enhanced effects.
Sour Lifter
Oregon CBD Seeds
Sour Lifter is a hybrid with Sativa effects.  Large dense buds have an amazing 23% total cannabinoids and 18.5% CBD.  Sour Lifter possesses a good supply of minor cannabinoids for a strong entourage effect.  At 4% total terpenes this is one of our headiest noses with b caryophyllene, Ocimene and b myrcene.  Expect Sour Diesel and sweet pine aroma.  Effects are Heady, uplifting and creative.
Sour Special Sauce
Oregon CBD Seeds

Our last release is a return to our roots.  Horn Creek Hemp started with Special Sauce as our primary flower.  We know that aroma and those effects.  Special Sauce extracts powered all of our original CBD salves and tinctures. 

Oregon CBD recently updated Special Sauce by crossing it with Gorilla Glue #4 to make Sour Special Sauce.  Always a strong proiducer, Sour Special Sauce has 16.5% total cannabinoids.  3.7% terpenes, dominated by b myrcene, Ocimene and b caryophyllene.  Nose is sour fruit and funky gas.  Medium density buds are resinous with sugary trichomes.   

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