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2022 Hemp Flower Buyer’s Guide | Round 2 Releases

The hemp world continues to evolve.  We try to stay up to date and change with it.  In recent years we saw significantly increased interest in new hemp cultivars.  Breeders like East Fork Cultivars, Hoku Seed Company and High Alpine Genetics are all releasing high CBD, terpene rich hemp cultivars.  The country’s stalwart hemp seed breeder, Oregon CBD, is also developing intriguing new flower strains.

For our second flower release we selected six aromatic and CBD-rich flowers.  Mango Tree hemp from Hoku Seed Company, Sour Brulee and Sour CBG from Oregon CBD, Pink Panther from Thomas at High Alpine Genetics, plus Oregon Sweetgum and Pear Blossom hemp from East Fork Cultivars.

Pink Panther
High Alpine Genetics
Pink Panther is a gorgeous CBD flower with 2.5% terpenes.  Dark hemp buds hint at its Alpen Gleaux parentage, as do the orange hair highlights.  Sweet and tropical flower nose is combined with sour lemon and citrus with some pine.  The flower is potent with 18.5% cannabinoids and 15.5% CBD.  The sativa-leaning hybrid is heady and energizing.
Mango Tree
Hoku Seed Co.
Mango Tree hemp flower has resinous sticky buds and 19% total cannabinoids.  B myrcene, b caryophyllene and caryophyllene oxide give it an overripe mango funk with sweet pine.  Dense flowers have an indica effect for full body and nighttime use.  Mango Tree is a blend of Mango hemp crossed with Remedy Kush Diesel.
Oregon Sweetgum
East Fork Cultivars
We have two flowers bred by East Fork Cultivars.  First is Oregon Sweetgum, a cross between AC/DC and Canna Tsu.  OR Sweetgum has Honey and ripe fruit nose with Sativa effects.  18% total cannabinoids, 14.5% CBD.  It is a perfect end-of-day wind down CBD flower.
Pear Blossom
East Fork Cultivars
Pear Blossom is the next from East Fork.  Canna Tsu x Ringo’s Gift results in high potency at 19.3% total cannabinoids.  Light green buds have a medium density and 2% terpenes.  The nose is primarily ripe fruit with pear and sweet pepper.  This hybrid is relaxing, but for either day or night use.
Sour Brûlée
Oregon CBD Seeds
Last up are two from Oregon CBD seeds.  Sour Brulee is a striking flower.  It is large, chunky and heavy with trichomes.  It has 2.5% terpenes with terpinolene as the dominant terpene.  The nose is sour citrus, diesel and pine.  Sour Brulee gives a full body calming feel for day or night use.
Sour G CBG
Oregon CBD Seeds
Sour G CBG is our favorite CBG hemp flower.  If you like CBG effect, Sour G give you that along with a much more appealing nose.  Most CBG cultivars have earthy and yeast-dominant noses.  The sour parentage adds citrus, pepper and diesel.  Sour G has typical CBG effects – mental clarity, calm and focused.  Add some to your CBD flower for heightened overall effects.

Stay tuned for a detailed review of Round 3, which is out now.

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