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2022 Hemp Flower Buyer’s Guide | Round 1 Releases

Hello Horn Creek Community!
2022 was a pivotal year.  It marked a return to sanity in our valley.  It also saw a huge contraction in hemp operations.  For our farm, it was a step back towards boutique farming.
Sanity returned as all of the illegal cartel grows vanished.  One day they were everywhere, with dozens of hoop houses and open grow acres.  Then virtually overnight they were gone.  One nearby operation literally worked all night, loading semi-trucks by headlamp.  In the aftermath, authorities have enacted many new restrictions affecting our industry.  Sadly, they will only impact those of us who had been operating within the law.
Illegal operations were not the only farms to go away.  The market had been saturated.  There were simply too many farms and distributors.  Many were not able to withstand the drop in sales that occurred last year.  We are grateful to have stuck it out.  I would credit that to our family, as we were able to adapt quickly and reduce expenses.
We are moving to a much smaller scale, with focus on craft growing and many different cultivars.  That is a learning curve.  If we have learned one thing during our time in this world, it is that things change fast.  Flexibility is critical.

On that note, we are pleased to unveil our 2022 harvest.  The cultivars reflect an understanding that consumers want to wide variety of terpene profiles.  We pulled from multiple genetics breeders, selecting our favorites terpene profiles and effects.  We selected 27 cultivars.  That is a huge shift from 2017, when we grew exactly one.
We reached out to four seed breeders – East Fork Cultivars, Hoku Seed company, and High Alpine Genetics.  We also planted some new breeds as well as old classics from Oregon CBD.
Eastfork Cultivars is a team of smart people in Cave Junction.  Three childhood friends came together to make outstanding Type 1,2 and 3 cannabis cultivars.  Hoku Seed Company consists of Floyd and his Washington State greenhouse cultivars.  High Alpine Genetics is in Colorado is our latest breeder, adding some interesting, frosty flower along with our first auto-flower.
Pineapple Kush
Eastfork Cultivars
Nose of Sour Pineapple and Diesel along with pine.  Large dense green flowers.  Full body calming effects.  Primary terpenes are beta myrcene, alpha pinene and beta caryophyllene.  Total terpenes are 3.5%.  We chose this mostly for dense flower and pungent nose.  That, and it was such a deviation from many previous terp profiles.
Hoku Seed Company
Japhy is a cross between Ceiba and Karmatonic Z.  Floyd at Hoku dialed in a nice nose, with this terpene profile adding trans-Ocimene.  Nose is coffee, berries and rubber funk.  Flower is green and buds are medium dense.  The effects are more in heady and creative.  Use mid-day to enhance whatever you are doing.
Hoku Seed Company
Another winner from Hoku.  Lovebone x Remedy Kush.  High cannabinoid content at 20%.  4.1% terpenes, including the top three, b-Myrcene, a-pinene and b-caryophyllene.  The nose is sweet flower tropical + pine.  Sticky medium buds with medium density.  Effects are an energizing  heady vibe.  Good for socializing or a deep conversation.
Kush Cake
Hoku Seed Company
CBD Cake x Remedy Kush Diesel.  Nose is Sweet diesel, sweet cake and funk.  Buds are dark green and smaller, with frosty trichomes.  Terpenes are 3.6% and include b-myrcene, trans-nerolidol, cis-nerolidol.  The effects make this a choice for night-time use, calming and sedative.
Frosted Grapes
High Alpine Genetics
Dream Tonic x Alpen Gleaux.  Frosted Grapes looks like… frosted grapes.  Glistening trichomes on a purple background.  The flowers aren’t too dense but they are gorgeous.  B-myrcene, trans-ocimene and terpinolene smell like berries and wood with a grape juice chaser.  Effects are casually uplifting and felt in the head.
Rock Candy
Hoku Seed Company
CBD Candy x Remedy Kush.  Lighter CBD content and 2.78% terpenes: b-myrcene, b-caryophyllene, cis-nerolidol.  The nose is sweet pine, sour candy and diesel.  Green, medium density and medium size buds.  Effects are mellow and relaxing, with total THC under .3%.  perfect for daytime use.

Stay tuned for a detailed review of Round 2, which is out now.

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